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Using innovative intelligence we make simple decisions that result in big impacts.

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ERP Consulting

Our ERP gurus ensures smooth implementation of system, assuring the three components, People, Processes, Technology are well synced and optimized.

Solution Architecture

With the rapid industry evolution, the standard solutions aren't effective anymore, our solutions architects deals with each problem with an upgraded skill-set to streamline business flow.

Business Automation

Automation is pivotal for massive growth, our technical experts will work closely with your organization to tighten the operations as automations applied to inefficient operations can be disastrous.

Distributed Management

We help you connect with technically versed human resource spread across the globe to create a robust, enthralling system that will improve overall organizational efficiency.
Who we are
Using innovative intelligence we make simple decisions that result in big impacts.
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Gapp CO with over 10 years experience has provided oversight, operation, and management to businesses around the globe. We case study large term projects and then streamline International team-oriented operations to iterate workflow.
We consult leaders using data science and insights on global trends and industry directives. Having fastest growing system we implement methodologies with strong local focus throughout the nation.
We’re great communicators when it comes to assessing your needs and laying out your options. We also carry the highest levels of engineering certifications and recognitions.
what we offer

Integrated technologies

Let our technical masterminds transform your organization using crazy, kick-ass technologies that are revolutionizing the way industries worked.

Artificial Intelligence

Our data scientists can weave AI to your processes to help deliver continuous value.

Blockchain Development

Blockchain is revolutionizing how organizations work, is your organization ready for the next big thing?

Cloud Engineering

Our cloud engineers are here to address your concerns related to Cloud computing, design and maintenance.

Cyber Security

Protect your organization's valuable data with most advanced cyber security services in the town.
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Our Amazing Partners

We feel elevated to re-call the amazing work our teams have put forward for these prestigious organizations. Working for top organizations is always a test of your competencies, skill-set and your temperament thus when you deliver the project, it gives you a massive shift upwards and you are ready to take up the next challenge with even further sense of responsibility and commitment.
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Our facts in number

These are not just numbers but reflection of our consistency and years of experience in handling complicated problems. Nothing drives morale and commitment more than winning.

We've been operating since 2008
We've helped 990+ clients achieve their goals
Our locations are spreaded accross 8 countries
Automated and Streamlined over 2K operations
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